About Phast

Created in 1989 by hospital pharmacists, Phast is a nonprofit standardization organization aiming at improving healthcare data exchange. Phast was pioneer in creating healthcare interoperability standards allowing IT systems to communicate in France. It owns and maintains PN13-SIPh, the standard used for drugs prescription and dispensation exchanges.

Phast distributes key terminologies in France to promote the creation of a more effective and interoperable information system. It has conducted the translation of Snomed CT in French and closely works with the GMDN Agency to spread its nomenclature among hospitals.

Phast also contributes to international efforts related to semantic interoperability and health data exchange. It sponsors the IHE Pathology and Laboratory Medicine (PaLM) domain and contributes to the HL7 “Orders and Observations” and “Structured Documents” Work Groups. It also has a key role in the Trillium II Project funded by the European Commission which aims at providing International Patient Summary standards in support to better patient care across borders.